Vision & Mission Statement

After seven years in business, I have never put a vision or mission statement on paper.

What do you think?

Vision Statement:

Vision – how do you want the world to be different?

I envision a world where order and elegance prevail, and nothing stands in the way of people experiencing their lives with enthusiasm and joy.

Mission Statement:

Mission – what part of that vision are you going to offer every day?

The Busy Corner brings skill and enthusiasm to the task of creating order and elegance in homes and offices.

All About Alaska

All About Alaska

Being a professional Organizer means many things to our clients, it’s not just about being organized, but how it can affect so many aspects of their lives.

Recently I was helping one of my clients get ready for a 10 day Alaskan Cruise, it was quite a process. A packing list was sent in advance for all of the specific items needed from polypropylene glove & sock liners to knee high, warm water proof boots, not things a Houstonian keeps handy!

While she made many trips to REI, I was pulling things together that she already had tucked away in her recently organized closet.

She also had to prepare for three birthdays on the cruise and a few books and toys for the young grandchildren staying in her room (giving parents some much needed time for themselves).

I personally, was having a blast; it was almost like I was the one going on the trip!!

A week early we had her suitcase packed, presents wrapped and she was ready to go. At this point she looked at me said, “ this wouldn’t have happened before” I wasn’t quite sure what she meant, then she said “before you came along, I would not have been able to find the things I needed so I would have had to buy everything new and I am usually up at 3:00 a.m. frantically packing at the last minute and rushing to the airport.”

This was the best compliment to me and reminds me of why I love being a
Certified Professional Organizer. Building the relationship and seeing how putting things together for our clients helps them in their daily routine and in this case an Alaskan Cruise!

She saved time, she saved money and she had peace of mind.

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Mess trapping you in corner? Get Busy

by | April 25, 2013 7:00 am

Busy Corner owner Tammy Atchison shows how an organized coffee station can simplify a morning routine. The Busy Corner Corner owner Tammy Atchison shows how an organized coffee station can simplify a morning routine.

  Tammy Atchison opened the Busy Corner in spring 2007 and has been helping clients streamline their lives ever since. She works one-on-one with clients to provide customized solutions to meet individual needs. “I see the big picture when I go in,” Atchison said. “I like building the relationships with my clients. When a job is done, you can see their spirits lift like a weight is being lifted off of them.”

ADDRESS: Mobile-based local business
HOURS: By appointment only, Monday-Saturday
PHONE: 713-202-7846
OWNER: Tammy Atchison
WHAT YOU’LL FIND: Tammy Atchison works both alone and one-on-one to help create organizing solutions for her clients. She also does an overhaul of the house to simplify their lives by eliminating clutter. WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: “I love space planning and designing. It’s natural for me. I’m very sentimental and so I love to hear the client’s stories about their things. It helps me determine what they need to purge and what they need to keep.” –Tammy Atchison, owner

The Busy Corner wants to wish you a Happy and Organized New Year!

2012 was very productive and brought a great new look to the company.  Visit to for all of the new and exciting changes, which include links to Facebook, Pinterest and The Busy Corner blog.

Continuing education led to earning a Level II Chronic Disorganization (CD) Specialist Certificate. This Specialist Certificate provides in-depth information on chronic disorganization and how to help CD clients manage more effectively in relation to getting and staying organized.

2013 promises to be an excellent year as well.  I am excited to introduce a new associate, Wendy Lawlis, to the team!  Wendy’s background in space planning and design adheres to The Busy Corner’s philosophy of  “Turning the Chaos of Clutter into Elegant Efficiency”.  Please join me in welcoming Wendy to the team!

I want to thank my clients for their support and referrals that contributed to the growth and success of 2012!

Looking forward to another fabulous year,