Say My Name

The other day I entered one of the full service high rise buildings where a few of my regular clients live. I am there at least twice a week, but on this particular day, the concierge looked over as I was waiting for the elevator and said
“Hello Tammy”. It took me by surprise at first, and then I just smiled. It wasn’t two days later a different concierge said “Goodnight Tammy” as I was leaving. The staff here is nothing but exceptional, but this was a first after three years of working in the building!
The reason I felt the need to post this is that it made me feel good, and when you feel good you can do amazing things, like organize for instance! Maybe donate those clothes that are just taking up space in your closet!
So the next time you have the opportunity, say their name, share a smile and add a little joy to someone’s day!


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