Paper Planners –vs.- Electronic Devices

This is the time of year to decide which kind of calendar to use –

Paper or Electronic.

The fact is that more than ever people rely on their electronic devices and paper planner sales are down, possibly a dying commodity.

According to Harold Taylor Time Consultants Inc., paper is for planning, scheduling and record keeping. Read his article below, which explains the difference and may help you with your decision.

In praise of paper planners

By Harold Taylor

Hand-held electronic computers can boost productivity immensely. But they are computers, not planners. Don’t throw away the kitchen sink just because you buy a dishwasher.
With a hard copy planner you can see your entire week, complete with scheduled tasks and your “things to do” list at a single glance. Flipping of a page brings you a whole new week of plans, appointments and projects. You can see your activities take shape, be completed and remain visibly intact as permanent trophies to your weekly accomplishments. A hardcopy planner also serves as a journal, reflecting not only your past activities, but your uniqueness – taking on your personality, character, and philosophy. It reveals your habits and style as well as your priorities. Color coding, sticky notes, self-adhesive labels and hand written notes can form a permanent footprint of your presence in this world and the impact you made.

Nobody wants to be left behind in this information age where technology is king; but it’s not a case of either using a PDA or using a paper planner. They both have their place. You can continue to plan and schedule using a paper planner while using your handheld device for contact information, databases, electronic communications, Internet access, and the dozens of other functions used on a regular basis such as GPS, photography, e-books, email, banking and Google searches.

Me, I use both, but rely heavily on my paper planner. I like to look at the week, plan ahead and make notes, but I do love the reminder feature on my electronic calendar!

Whatever you use, ask yourself, does it make it easier to manage my time!

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